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If you are like me, you love wine, you love to travel, and you are always looking for ways to improve your experience with both. Well, I just found the Winery Passport app and let me tell you, it’s the easiest way to find, plan and book your next wine tasting(s). Featured in the Top Wine and Travel Apps category by Apple, Food & Wine Magazine, Bloomberg, AND Forbes, this app has features that are turning heads and helping wine enthusiasts everywhere tip their glasses with ease!          

                                                                                                                                                                 SEARCH & SCHEDULE

Winery Passport App Screenshots

The expected GPS connection to Google Maps allows you to search for local wineries near you and almost instantly be given driving instructions.

Looking for something further away? You have several options at your disposal by looking at a map, typing in a location (state, city, zip, or even country), and even searching for specific events. The wine world is at your fingertips.

Not sure where you want to go? Just let quick filters or other user’s reviews guide you with options such as Most Viewed Winery, Highest Rated or Trending Wineries all within the Guides section of the app. You can even trust Leslie SBrocco, an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and television host, to send you to the right place with her customized picks.

With a robust database of more than 6000 wineries in the US and Canada, the Winery Passport app more than likely has the winery you are looking for and plenty you can learn about. But don’t just discover local wineries, book a reservation with them in the app. Winery emails and phone numbers are available so that you can easily contact them or send a request to book your next tasting room visit. The app will guide you in advance of and during your trip so that you can focus on enjoying the things you love: good wine and carefree travel!

Here are some Winery Passport app features worth a more in-depth profile.


Ever forget the name of the winery with that amazing Pinot Noir you fell in love with? The Winery Passport app lets you store memories from wineries you visited. Easily plan a return trip or punch your stamp to the wineries you have visited as a virtual souvenir from your trip (I will talk more about that later on). You can store ratings, tasting notes or even photos and associate them directly to the places you have been too all thanks to GPS integration. It is pretty seamless.

You can also choose to share your experiences with others by making them public or to stash your notes and thoughts in your individual journal. With so many people already using the app, there’s plenty of winery information other users have made public for you to browse.

Not quite ready to visit the Napa Valley? Just save wineries you would like to visit in the future in your wish list.                                                      

Lastly, don’t forget to check for exclusive offers from some recommended wineries in your message center!


What is any successful app nowadays without some friends to share it with? Create your own wine tasting lover’s network by adding friends. Share your experience with them and make decisions based on theirs.

In addition to your app friends, social media is built in for Facebook and Twitter so that you can publish content on pages and share it with your friends from anywhere! This really cool feature allows you to share your latest wine tasting trip via social media platforms or even by email.

Moreover, you can send requests to join a winery’s wine club directly from the app. “Like” wineries and buy wine via Wine-Searcher directly from the app to keep engaging with your favorite wineries from one, simple, unique tool. All this fun, all in the same place you search for and save information about wineries. Now that’s a nifty app if I do say so myself!


Wine Passport Stamp & Vineyard

One of the most exciting things when going abroad is getting a stamp through customs as a great souvenir and proof of your visit to whatever country it may be.

By visiting wineries and enjoying wine tastings, you can get stamps and keep them as memories of your experiences. Become a real collector by stockpiling up to 22 distinct badges to reward you for your visiting efforts. From your wine tasting regularity to visiting the best of the best, collect those stamps and show off your true wine experience prowess.

My French friends will be really jealous when seeing the American stamp on my passport in a few months!  So, why not make your wine loving friends jealous with the stamps you get from all of your visits. That is what social media is for right?


  1. Easy to use with intuitive navigation and clean design.
  2. GPS tool linked to Google Maps facilitates finding the nearest wineries and getting directions.
  3. Shareable and storable information to ease the consumer’s choice and to gather great memories.
  1. Lack of information about less renowned or smaller wineries.
  2. No version of the app is available on Android’s Google Play Store.
  3. No wineries registered in Europe (most notably France!).

Wine glass To add some color to those disadvantages, smaller wineries which are less popular, and generate less traffic to their tasting room have less information on their pages. Fewer people visit them and share things about them so this is understandable. However, this can be influenced a bit by wineries, to encourage people to visit their tasting room and engage future potential visitors with enticing images and information.

As for the Android version of the app, it seems the project is still under development. Since 9 out of 10 smartphones are running Android of some kind, I’d really like to see this as an option as the more people using the app, the better and more relevant the information becomes.

Eventually, I hope the app will extend its database to Europe. With plenty of fantastic wineries, wine enthusiasts from all around the world would be glad to use it. Believe me, I’m from France and I know what I’m talking about!

As you can probably tell, I gave a really good rating for the app of 4 stars on the Apple store rating system.

I recommend the download of the Winery Passport app and enjoy it as much as I liked sharing this review with you. It’s free and available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod so get going on collecting those stamps already!

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