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When Happy Hour Meets Magic Hour

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So you have decided to visit the heart and soul of California’s wine country, Napa Valley. Home to approximately 400 wineries, I’m certain you have already prepared a list of world-class, historic, and trendy wineries, you feel as though you can’t miss. Well I’m writing this to let you know of just one more wine tasting experience that is worth your while. It’s called Magic Hour.

As the sunsets over the rolling hills, a cool night’s breeze settles on the Valley floor. The birds quiet down and you can hear the majestic trickling of the creek accompanied by the crackling of the wood burning fireplace. Pampering your senses Magic Hour at Milliken Creek Inn & Spa is about to begin.

FWW_BlogLocated on the famous Silverado Trail, dating back to the mid-1850’s, Milliken Creek Inn was once the perfect resting spot along the river for travelers during the silver and gold rush years. Formerly known as The Black Surrey and The Country Garden Inn, the location has expanded over the years and after extensive renovations in 2000, it officially became known as the Milliken Creek Inn & Spa. Featured in the likes of The New York Times , Instyle Magazine and the Wine Spectator, it center’s it’s FWW-Blog-MillikenCreekInnexclusive ambiance around intimacy and stillness. Capturing the luxurious feel, a Milliken Creek Inn tradition, Magic hour welcomes guests to a complimentary Wine & Cheese pairing held daily.

Often a surprise experience for guests, Magic hour has earned it’s special place in the Milliken Creek Inn itinerary because, “of what it does for the customer”. Providing a unique opportunity to speak with local vintners about their passion for wine, sample favorite selections, meet new people, and most importantly unwind after a busy day in Napa.

Upon arriving at tonight’s Magic Hour, hotel guests and myself, were greeted warmly by the host and introduced to the night’s vintner, pouring a local selection from Castello di Amorosa. A crisp Pinot Grigio with notes of citrus and melon aromas in hand, the room fills with soft mingling and a sense of serenity.  

FWW_SuitcaseImmersed in conversations of all things wine and travel, on behalf of FlyWithWine, the VinGardeValise® became a hot  topic for discussion. A suitcase designed to transport all your favorite bottles and outfits; a few proud owners in the room shared their most memorable traveling stories. From a trip to Disneyland to a son bringing home wine from his travels abroad, I think it’s safe to say, that it is a perfect addition to any wine travelers collection.

FWW-Blog-MillikenCreekInn-CheesePlatterAs Magic Hour comes to an end, I leave with a feeling of inspiration. An inspiration not only to travel but to discover the unique gems and stories that places and people have to offer. The story that makes things magical and leaving me wanting to write home about it; and let me tell you, Magic Hour at Milliken Creek Inn & Spa encompasses this perfectly. A remarkable experience turned story you can retell again and again without blaming your fuzzy memory on the bubbles.

Kari Jensen

A young professional in the digital marketing field, passionate about all things wine, beer, and travel. I enjoy the adventure in discovering the unique stories & trends within California’s life & style. Having a knack for creativity, the challenge persists to keep writing, designing, capturing, and creating. Cheers!

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