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Fritz Winery | The Perfect Way to Welcome Summer

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Fritz Winery

Wine tasting, Spanish Paella, and a private cave tour, need I say more?

Unlike any other winery you have visited, Fritz Underground Winery is a sustainable vision ahead of its time. Tucked away in the picturesque hillside of Dry Creek Valley; operating on a three-tiered system, gravity is the secret ingredient for utilizing the area’s natural resources and producing quality hand-crafted wines.

Do you know what pairs well with hand-crafted wine? Hand-crafted gourmet food!

Get ready to kick off your summer with these upcoming events:

April 29th & 30th: Passport to Dry Creek Valley

FlyWithWine-Blog-FritzWineryGet your passports out, it’s time to take a trip to the wineries of Dry Creek Valley. In honor of the 28th Annual Wine & Food Festival – we invite you to join us for a gourmet wine + food pairing at our Fritz family estate. Featuring farm-to-table catering by Peloton in partnership with Natalia’s Kitchen Sweet Potato Tomato Sauce.

Interested in a grape-to-glass experience? A private tour of Fritz Underground Winery will take place Saturday April 29th at 9:30am, led by the owner himself, Clay Fritz. Follow him on the unique path from the crushpad to the underground wine cave, and experience the true essence of sustainable wine-making.

Reserve your spot here »

June 10th: Paella Pick-up Party


Enjoy a taste of Spain at this years Paella Pick-up Party! Valencia, the undisputed home of Paella; a dish introduced nearly 1200 years ago at the confluence of one of Spain’s largest ports and rice-producing regions, has become a world renowned family-style dish.

Manilla clams, spicy chorizo, saffron and of course wine, the Paella Guy will be cooking up The Ultimate Paella recipe for you and your friends. Taking place Saturday, June 10th from 4:30-6:30pm, come enjoy the festivities, food and our Fritz estate wines.

Come hungry!

Club Members (+1 guest), please RSVP here »

Additional guests are $60, please RSVP here »

When Beer Meets Wine

Old Redwood Brewery

Aged for 18 long months in our Fritz Chardonnay Barrels, Old Redwood Brewing Company has released their much anticipated barrel-aged Flanders Red Ale. A variation of a Belgian Sour, the Flanders Red Ale is aged with wild yeasts and bacteria, giving it those tart cherry, ripe plum, and fresh grape notes.

A short jaunt from the Fritz Underground Winery, experience the tasty brews of Old Redwood Brewing Company – sure to turn you into a craft beer enthusiast in no time!

Note! Due to the small production of these hand-crafted beers, they are only available for a limited time. A great way to stay up to date and have access to our seasonal beer production, is to join our Beer Club!

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