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5 Binge-Worthy TV Show and Wine Pairings

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When you’re tired of the beach and beer, turn to the couch, Netflix, and a perfectly paired wine.

With summer comes sun, fun, and often a nice cold beverage. But summer also means your regularly broadcasted shows have come and gone. That’s why we’re bringing you five summer show recommendations, and we’re pairing them with the perfect wine.

Orange Is the New Black

Image source: Netflix.com

The inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary are back on the small screen. With every episode available on Netflix, this comedy-drama about the women’s prison system will have you laughing, crying, and sometimes both. You’ll either love these ladies or hate them, but either way, you’ll be hooked. Season 5 takes the plot in a new direction and leaves you with a classic OITNB cliff-hanger.

Orange is the new white

On-trend just like this show, orange wine is being talked about more and more. What makes it orange? It’s white wine that has been fermented on the skins. This style extracts textures, flavors, and color from the skins that would usually be pressed out. A rebel, if you will.


Trthis: Channing Daughters‘ orange blend from New York

Big Little Lies 

Image source: HBO.com

Based on Liane Moriarty’s best-selling novel, HBO’s “Big Little Lies” follows a tale of murder and mischief through the lives of these seemingly perfect women of Monterey, CA. Power trio Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley bring equal parts mystery and comedy to their dynamic characters. A new take on the “whodunit” genre; this show will have you guessing who ends up dead the entire season.

Big Little Pinot

Just like these ladies, Pinot Noir is not all that it seems. Pinot Noir’s light and silky texture gives way to a fruit-forward wine that brings unexpected complexity to the palate. A food-friendly wine, you can pair it with lunch and dinner so that you can finish the season in one day.

Trthis: Russian River Pinot Noir from Fritz Underground Winery



Image source: FXnetworks.com

Inspired by the Coen brothers’ 1996 noir comic film by the same name, this TV adaptation comes to us as an anthology series—meaning there is no connection from one season to the next (or is there?) Somewhat underrated, this heavy crime drama is riddled with plot twists and turns. The violence coupled with light-hearted, traditional midwestern accents makes it approachable and nearly comical. Viewer discretion advised: this show isn’t for the faint of heart.

Tannat, eh?

An elusive wine, Tannat is as dark and mysterious as this series. Bold tannins smack you in the face, yet (plot twist) it’s friendly and inviting at the same time. A thick-skinned grape, Tannat is said to be high on the list of heart-healthy wines.

Try this: Paso Robles Tannat from Tablas Creek Vineyard

Silicon Valley

Image source: HBO.com

Queue the comic relief. Follow the team known as Pied Piper on their comically tragic quest to succeed in the über competitive tech mecca that is Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s character development is the driving force of this show. While their socially awkward tendencies may make you cringe, their banter will make you laugh out loud time after time. With short episodes and four seasons, this is the perfect laid-back summer show.

Pied Piper’s magic flute

Bubbles + comedy = a match made in… Silicon Valley? Traditionally a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, sparkling wine can be made in a variety of techniques. Each method showcases unique characteristics, just like the boys of Silicon Valley.

Try this: Limited summer edition Brut sparkling wine from Chandon


The Bachelorette

Image source: ABC.com

We won’t make you admit that The Bachelor franchise is your guilty pleasure. Well, this guilty pleasure is back for the summer with The Bachelorette season 13. Starring the charming Rachel Lindsay looking for love, this reality show is full of drama, booze, and tears. Need more? Binge all the way from season 1 on ABC.com.  

Will you accept this Rosé?

Colloquially referred to as “summer water,” Rosé has stolen a place in our hearts. Made from red grapes with minimal skin contact (think opposite of orange wine), Rosé can range from sweet to bone dry, making it the perfect wine for summer.

Try this: V. Sattui’s Carneros Rosato di Sangiovese

Netflix and chill (-ed wine)

Still not sure what to pair with your favorite summer show? When in doubt, opt for chilled. This means anything from bubbles to whites, and yes, even reds. Chances are it’s hot outside so draw the blinds, grab a chilled bottle and start watching.

Do you have a show recommendation for us to binge? Share below! We’re always looking for more.

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