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Sip and Cycle Your Way Through Napa Valley

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Why Napa?

With over 30 wineries within 10 miles, Napa, the heart of California wine country, is an excellent place to combine wine tasting and biking. 

Sunny weather, endless bike paths, and jaw-dropping landscapes bring a slice of paradise to bikers. From Vallejo to Calistoga, the 47-mile Vine Trail connects you to everything Napa Valley has to offer. Along your way, encounter must-visit wineries, restaurants, and landmarks. Here are our recommendations for sipping and cycling your way through the Valley.

Where to go?

Forty-seven miles is a long way even for the best of bikers. Therefore, you should start by mapping out your route before you leave the house.

Laird Family Estate

Located 3 miles from downtown Napa, this winery is easily reachable for casual bikers. Pack a light lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables for a chance to refuel and enjoy a Standard Tasting flight for just $20.

Silenus Winery

To reach this winery, cyclists will have to push a little harder on the pedals, but it is well worth the effort. Featuring a gorgeous garden perfect for relaxing after a long ride or playing a leisurely game of Bocce ball, Silenus Winery is a vision. The tasting room is located just 6 miles from downtown Napa, but a reservation is required.

Domaine Chandon

The longer the ride, the better the prize. Located 10 miles from downtown, Domaine Chandon is one of the most renowned wineries in Napa Valley. Not only is the location beautiful, but the sparkling wines are delicious. Chandon has a casual and fun atmosphere with several options for tasting and pairings. Enjoy a flight of these refreshing wines — you’ve earned it.

When to ride?

The heat waves in wine country can be tough on cyclists. Nice weather is always enjoyable, but pedaling and wine tasting under the blazing sun is not a good match for your legs or palate. For an optimal wine tasting experience, visit during harvest, which runs from late August to early October. Plan ahead to get the most out of your sip and cycle experience.

Final words of advice

Safety first! Now that you have mapped out your wine country destinations, don’t forget the biking essentials: a helmet and plenty of water. Bonus points if your bike has a basket to bring wine home with you! And remember, BUI’s (biking under the influence) exist, so drink and ride responsibly!

For more options and locations regarding your biking travels, check out this interactive map. Happy cycling!

Cyprien Antoine

Currently studying to get my Master’s degree in Marketing and Business, I am a fervent lover of good food and beverages. Traveling and discovering new cultures have always been part of my life. I came to Napa Valley to live an incredible experience in the wine industry and share my passion with others.

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  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word about how great bike tours w/ winery tours are! I love sipping and cycling and its such a great experience with friends, family, or loved ones.

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