5 Scary Good Craft Beer & Halloween Candy Pairings

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Trick-or-beer—your complete guide to pairing Halloween candy and craft beer.

Do you know what goes well with Halloween candy? Beer! As adults, we face the inevitability of becoming too old to go trick-or-treating; but let’s get one thing straight, we’ll never be too old to enjoy the candy. In fact, as adults, we might even have the added benefit of washing it all down with something a little tastier than milk—craft beer.

Curious about what beer pairs best with your favorite candy? Read on to discover five spookylicious pairings. It was a tough decision, but someone had to do it.

1. Pumpkin Ale + Candy Corn

Love em’ or hate em’, Pumpkin Ale and Candy Corn are seasonal classics. Featuring a low flavor profile with subtle hints of honey, marshmallow, and a whole lot of sugar, Candy Corn is the perfect blank slate for highlighting the complex flavors of beer. Bursting with notes of clove, cinnamon, and spices, pair the mini sugar bombs with a Pumpkin Ale for a Hallo-winning combination.

Try: Old Redwood Brewery—  Pumpkin King Ale, Rogue— Pumpkin Patch Ale, Ballast Point— Pumpkin Down

2 Milk Stout + Milky Way

A Milk Stout plus a Milky Way— does it get any better than that? We don’t think so. Both enhance the creamy, dark, and delicious chocolate caramel goodness—a treat not for the faint of heart. Get into the holiday spirit and add a touch of wizardry: Pair a Milky Way with a nitro Stout for a consistency that will blow your mind.

Try: Left Hand Brewing Co. — Milk Stout Nitro, Mare Island Brewing Co. — Coal Shed Stout, Faction Brewing— Anomaly Milk Stout

3. Saison + Dark Chocolate

Effervescent, dry with pronounced spicy hop flavors, Saisons pair nicely with the earthy, savory tones of dark chocolate— perfect for those lacking a real sweet tooth. Send the pairing over the top with a sea salt infused dark chocolate to tantalize the fruity undertones of the Saison—you’ll be thanking us.  

Try: Old Redwood Brewery— Lemon pepper Saison, Tannery Bend Beerworks— Coombs Saison, Viewpoint Brewing Co. — French Saison 

4. Hefeweizen + TWIX®

With a crunchy shortbread cookie at the heart of a TWIX® bar, pair it with none other than a Hefeweizen; the king of wheat beers. Smothered in caramel and milk chocolate, the wheaty ghoul-licious undertones come out to play—beware!

Try: Pure Order Brewing Co. — Crooked Neck Hefeweizen, Golden Road Brewing— Golden Road Hefeweizen

5.  Sour Ale + Sour Patch Kids

Pucker up! Fruity, acidic, and tart, Sour Ales are the perfect match for those cheek-hurting, face-twitching Sour Patch Kids that we can’t seem to get enough of. Revealing flavors derived from yeast and bacterial fermentation, Sour Ales keep the suspense reminiscent of our childhood treat alive.

Try: Old Redwood Brewery— Cherry Blush, Heretic— Agony, Green Flash— Blanc Tarte Barrique

Do you have a favorite beer and candy pairing? Tell us about it!

Happy Halloween!!

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