4 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

4 Steps to Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

The holidays are all about getting together with friends and family. But from one cocktail party to the next, how do you make sure yours stands out? Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with these four tips for hosting the perfect holiday party.

Keep them on their toes


Forget the sit-down dinner and opt for something more casual, like a cocktail party! Appetizers are a great way to feed a bigger group of people without the stress of picking one meal everyone will like. Choose snacks that can be made ahead of time, and prepare your apps and hors d’oeuvres at least one day in advance. Minimal food prep on the day of means less stress for you!

Cocktail o’clock

Set up a self-serve cocktail bar or consider making a large batch of a signature cocktail. Making cocktails to order is the last thing you should be doing while you’re hosting. Stock your cocktail bar with popular spirits, precut garnishes, and maybe even recipe suggestions if you are feeling extra festive! Remember, guests always gather around the bar, so make sure to set it up in your biggest room to avoid overcrowding.

Prepare for wine time


Sparkling, white, red, dessert—the wine options are extensive, but the glassware doesn’t have to be. Choosing a universal glassware allows you to serve any varietal of wine with just one glass. Stock your bar with Gabriel-Glas, the one-for-all universal stemware designed to highlight the aromas and tastes of any wine varietal you serve. Added bonus: fewer dishes for you!

Game time


Engage your guests in a festive game they will love! Have each guest bring a bottle of his or her favorite wine (set a price limit!) for a light-hearted wine swap. Your guests will each go home with a new bottle of wine to enjoy and lasting memories from your holiday party.

Now that you have the logistics nailed down, you’re ready for the finishing touches. It’s time to light the candles, hang some decorations (or mistletoe to really spice things up), and turn up the jolly tunes. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! A happy host is the life of a party, after all.


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