Book and Wine Pairings of the Summer

Book and Wine Pairings of the Summer

It’s hot. Sometimes so hot that we can’t bring ourselves to leave the house. And if we don’t leave the house, we can’t turn on the TV for fear it will cause even the slightest temperature spike. It’s times like these we dust off the books and open the (not at all dusty, probably already uncorked) wine. To help cool down your summer, here’s a rundown of captivating books and their vino accessories!

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The Night Manager by 

John le Carré

Spies. Exotic Hotels. Billionaire criminals. Enter Jonathan Pine, an ex-British soldier turned (you guessed it) night manager at the world’s most luxurious hotels. He finds himself thrown into the life of one of his guests—a debonair arms dealer and drug trafficker. Nothing can touch this man, until Pine is recruited by British intelligence to bring him down from his own inner circle.


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Intense Chardonnay from Pine Ridge Vineyards will drop you right into Le Carré’s story, gallivanting from islands to deserts with an entourage of shady men, slightly aware of the double-crossing that’s going on (but not really caring because you’re on the way to your villa). This white wine is MI6-smooth and filled with striking notes of lemon, spice, and brioche. It’s liquid class.



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Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Suddenly, a perfect couple becomes painfully aware of the decades they have left to live together. To deal with the anxiety of life, they start experimenting to spice up their marriage. You’ll get secondhand embarrassment from their escapades and passionately root for them when things go awry. Surprise Me plows down the white picket fence facade and shows you the hilarious, awkward realness of marriage.

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Romantic comedies call for Rosé, specifically the Jana Rosé from Scott Harvey Wines. Charming aromas of roses, wildflowers, and strawberries are perfectly married with crisp dryness. It’s as daring but light-hearted as Surprise Me’s absurd couple.




The Gunners by Rebecca Kauffman

Now in their thirties, the Gunners are a group of childhood friends who reunite in their hometown under unfortunate circumstances—the death of one of their own. The five remaining best friends are forced to confront secrets and stories they’ve been keeping for decades. The Gunners is as raw and pure as it gets, and when you’re done, you’ll want to hug your best friends.

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Pinot Noir...

This novel’s soulmate is a deep red wine. The Two Brothers pinot from Donelan Family Wines has velvety layers that reflect this heartfelt coming-of-age story flawlessly. Notes of forest fruits and minerals will make you feel like you’re there, trying to keep warm (oh, the irony) in Lackawanna, New York’s biting winter.




Brotopia by Emily Chang

The allure of this book is in the subtitle: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley.  Ladies (and fellas!), Emily Chang is exposing Silicon Valley, and it is incredible. Most of us see this industry as friendly nerds behind screens or Steve Jobs-types with humble beginnings. Oh no. She shows you what really goes down in the male-dominant tech world — sex, drugs, misogyny, and sheer lack of morals. Your jaw will hit the floor, chapter after chapter.

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You’ve got to be light on your feet with this book, and the Ashes and Diamonds Blanc will keep you moving. Bright, cool flavors are so easy to sip on but leave a ripe, structured impact. It’s as vivid and refreshing as Chang’s exposé, and the combination of the two will leave you feeling empowered.



Here's hoping these pairings keep you cool!


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